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4Drills Brewery

4Drills Brewcraft specializes in designing and building tools for the home brewer. Check out our iPhone tools or register for updates to our newest line of hardware homebrew control and monitoring tools.

Quick References

These smartphone Quick Reference "cards" will calculate ABV in one click, display SRM colors or give you hops AA percentages at a glance.

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Beer Tckr

Tick off the brews you've consumed! Includes all bottled beers available in the nine counties of the California Bay Area.

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Recipe Builder

Create your all-grain recipe by entering your ingredients then print this page and use it on your brewday. Simpler than most recipe software, and easy to maniuplate.

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Hardware to monitor up to three temperatures and the humidity of your fermentation chamber (closet, in some cases) and transmit the data to our servers for live viewing through your smart phone, tablet or computer

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Our Free BrewTools make it possible for you to calculate ABV, SRM and IBU from your iPhone, online or offline, quickly and easily. We built this tool to help us, we released it to help you.

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We brewed our first batch on September 14, 2008, 12 gallons of delicious IPA. We've been slowly increasing our volume ever since to a comfortable 3bbl system. We make movies, toys, and tools to help our brewing along.

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