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My 2012!a year of microadventures

  • Team Shot
  • Sierra time!
  • Costumes
  • Homebrew on Halfdome
  • The Family
  • The Crew
  • Call Dibs!
  • Century
  • Woohooo!

This is my follow up to last year's critically (mother) acclaimed My2011. I didn't go on the epic, international adventures this year but I still had a great time with a series of closer, smaller adventures. Put on your seatbelts, keep your hands and arms inside and try not to get motion sickness. Here's looking forward to an even more amazing 2013.

The Stats

Statistics, of course, don't quite cover it. Lets get some pictures...

Boulder, CO Climbing


with some climbing in Boulder, CO.

in the winter.

Climbing was a big part of this year, not just in Colorado.



Castle Rock (many, many, many times)


Lover's Leap, Tahoe

How do I get down?

Mount Diablo


The Pinnacles


Aquarius Canyon


And several other places

then there was

Mountain Biking


Flume, Skeggs, Northstar, Waterdog, Mammoth,
Arastradero, Annadel, SantaCruz... everywhere

Mountain Biking EVERYWHERE


with the most awesome crew

Mountain Biking EVERYWHERE

Armored and ready

and only a little blood

Mountain Biking EVERYWHERE


even in other countries.

The brewing obsession continued, by day

Brewing from Above


And through the night

Night Beer

(over 150 gallons this year...)

a family vacation in


  • The Family
  • The Family
  • Girls
  • Where we braved frigid storms, hiked snowy mountains, snowboarded the streets, and said farewell to Stephanie, gone to live in NYC.

Watery Cave

Up the coast to

Ft. Bragg

with the family for an abalone feast and some kayaking.

Amazing caves, food and weather let us forget about the one cranky ranger




a Canadian game of skill and strategy played on ice with a ball. Best stress relief ever.

Followed by a century ride:


a 100 mile bike ride between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay requires a beer afterward.


As the winter closed, I warmedup on Round Top in Tahoe. A prelude to the next few alpine excursions, such as:

Castle Peak

Sierra time!

My first time splitboarding. Conquer the backcountry, have a toast, enjoy the ride of your life.

Mt. Ritter

Mount Ritter

I still have not seen the summit of Mt. Ritter in Mammoth, but I came damn close.

and Mt. Shasta

Team Shot

The summit of Mt. Shasta, on the other hand, is an old friend. A challenging alpine route to end the snow days.

Summer hit


And, per tradition, we had a blast at Dana's annual birthday camping, four-wheeling, shooting, drinking fest. This year we (once again) put the girls to work.

Rafting and drinking our way down Russian River...

The Crew

Max became an old man.


Pictured (right to left): Matador, Mr. Pink/Mormon, Mary of Magdala, Max, Mad Hatter, Marilyn Monroe.

"Hiking in Tenaya Canyon is dangerous and not recommended."


Of course it isn't. Of course we did.

10 miles of rugged cross-country scrambling, route-finding, route-losing, rappelling, swimming, picnicking... and sleeping over.



The stories from this trip are plentiful and extraordinary but will have to wait until later. This photo must suffice for now!



No, not that kind. We simply harvested and launched mushrooms over a great weekend.



To close out the year, and start 2013, Scott and I tackled Mt. Lassen – 6' of fresh powder and not another person in sight.

one more thing...

Happy New Year!

    and wishing you all many, many more

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