My 2013

This is a summary of my 2013. From the depths of Zion to the summit of Halfdome; from snowboarding to mountainbiking to climbing to brewing; from weddings to reunions to parties; the year was once again full of Adventure.

See also: My 2012, and My 2011.

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Despite another year of abismal snow, I made the most of what I had be it resort, cross country or back country. I hiked Half Dome in March, celebrated a birthday on the slopes and made fresh tracks in several back country parks.

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I learned how the pros do it this year with brewery tours of Sierra Nevada, New Glarus, Firestone-Walker, Speakeasy, Lagunitas, Russian River, Marin Brewing Co, and a few others I can't clearly remember. Of course our brewing operation continues unabated, brewing about 110 gallons this year. Then there was the highlight of the year: I got to try Pliney the Younger!

Family Reunion The biennial mass gathering on the coast of Oregon
Burnham's Wedding
What a year when my best friend from birth gets married.
Climbing was a huge part of this year. With so many rocks within an hour of my house, how could I not take advantage? Castle Rock, Pinnacles, Guadalupe Rock, Emerald Canyon, Lover's Leap, Sunol and so many more.
Castle Falls
Local Climbing
The local spots are great but I had to explore more, including Crystal Crags at Mammoth...
Then climbed a few fantastic walls in Yosemite including Cathedral Peak, Stately Pleasure Dome, Puppy Dome and one more...
Snake Dike!!!
8 pitches, 800' of roped climbing, 5000' of vertical
The Rim Fire threatened to ruin our trip but instead ensured it: only 2 other climbers shared our wall and the climb went without a hitch.

More 2013 fun

Some of my more random but favorite memories from the year. Oktoberfest, Wisconsin, BBQ, etc.

Nights in SF
Bridge School benefit concert
Ft. Bragg with
the Family
Mountain Biking
Sharks games
Trivia Nights

Happy New Year!

(See you all in 2014)